Coronavirus News: Sunday, August 9 – As Cases Surpass 5 Million, Trump Issues Aid Order

By Anna Breuer on 9 August 2020
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The worldwide number of virus cases stands currently at 19.3 million.  Almost 720,000 people have died thus far and 12.45 million have recovered.

The United States crossed the 5 million mark on Saturday, and currently stands at 5.15 million.   President Trump took executive action to extend a variety of pandemic relief benefits as talks between the White House and Democraticand Republican lawmakers bogged down.  The benefits include a federal eviction ban, a suspension of payroll taxes, and a $400 per week benefit for the unemployed.  Since, under the Constitution, Congress has control over all federal spending, the outcome of the executive order is not clear.

Five states in the country currently account for over 40% of its five million coronavirus cases.  The list includes California, which has the most cases, Florida, Texas, New York, and Georgia.

Brazil hit two coronavirus milestones over the weekend: More than 3 million cases and over 100,000 deaths.

Meanwhile, New Zealand marked 100 days with no new reported coronavirus cases.  The country recently lifted all restrictions that were put into place to prevent the spread of the virus, but its borders remain sealed. In neighboring Australia, the picture is somewhat different as outbreaks persist.

French officials said they will require masks in crowded outdoor areas of Paris and other major cities starting Monday.  The country reported 2,288 new coronavirus cases on Friday, the third day of an increase in infections.  Police will enforce the measure and the fine for violating the order will be €135 ($158).

A new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that hundreds of children, most of them with no prior underlying conditions, have experienced Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children, a condition associated with Covid-19 that is also known as MIS-C. Most became so ill that they required a stay in an ICU.  Out of reports of 570 afflicted children, most had multiple symptoms that included a fever, rash, pinkeye, gastrointestinal distress, cyanotic lips, muscle weakness, racing heart rate, confusion, and cardiac shock, and most experienced complications that involved four or more organ systems.

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