American Airlines to Provisionally Continue Service to Sioux City, Joplin, and Roswell

By Kurt Stolz on 30 August 2020
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American Airlines reversed course on dropping service to three of the 15 cities it said it would leave last week.

Two of the cities, Sioux City, Iowa, and Joplin, Missouri, are considered “essential air service” cities.

Essential Air Service is a U.S. government program that dates back prior to the deregulation of the airline industry in 1978.  It guarantees that small communities that were served by a commercial carrier prior to deregulation would continue to receive a minimal level of scheduled air service that would otherwise not be profitable.

The airline said it would continue air service to a third city, Roswell, New Mexico, while it is in discussions with city and airport leaders there.

The airline has said that the absence of an extension to the Payroll Support Program that was part of the congressional bailout package has left it with “a host of difficult decisions” to make amidst the drop in travel as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

American is seeking Department of Transportation approval to drop service to Sioux City and Joplin but said it would not end service without such approval.

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