Alaska Airlines to Debut ‘Touch-Free’ Travel

By Kurt Stolz on 25 August 2020
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Alaska Airlines said it would introduce what it called “touch-free travel” for passengers that would be available from checking in to arrival at the desired destination.

The idea of touch-free travel would reduce the number of actual touch points a travel would encounter from check-in to bag drop to the in-flight experience, with an eye towards limiting the spread of the coronavirus.

The new tools include the ability to pre-order meals in advance of the flight and to make food purchases on board the aircraft using a stored credit card, once Alaska restarts its in-cabin for sale food and beverage service, and to print bag tags without having to touch a kiosk.

“These advancements help make the travel experience easy and almost entirely touch-free for our guests and are just part of the many ways we’re keeping our guests and employees safe during this time,” said Charu Jain, senior vice president of merchandising and innovation.

In addition, agents will be able to scan boarding passes from up to six feet (1.8 meters) away to maintain social distancing, and to receive a text message in lieu of a printed boarding pass for passengers who don’t have the Alaska smartphone app.

Finally, when checking bags, travelers can opt for a receipt via e-mail in lieu of a printed copy.

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