N.Y. State Revokes 27 Liquor Licenses, Issues Hundreds of Summonses to Restaurants and Bars

By Paul Riegler on 26 July 2020
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New York City as seen from the air

Officials in New York State issued summonses to 37 restaurants that were found to be violating the state’s bar and restaurant rules, Governor Andrew Cuomo said Friday.

Earlier in the week, the State Liquor Authority revoked 27 liquor licenses and issued summonses to 410 restaurants and bars for similar reasons.

The State Liquor Authority and New York State Police issued the summonses Thursday night to establishments in Manhattan, Queens, and Nassau counties, including Astoria, Baldwin, Jackson Heights, the Lower East Side, and Rockville Centre.

Undercover inspectors found employees not wearing face masks in theses bars and restaurants, and found dangerous social distancing violations. In one instance, a strip club, inspectors found dancers were performing while sharing the same stage poleand offering lap dances, in violation of the governor’s executive order and State Liquor Authority guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic.

Governor Cuomo said that health officials believe that people congregating at bars and restaurants is directly related to the increase in Covid-19 cases in younger people.

“The infection rate among 21 to 30, it went from 9 to 13, so we are watching that,” the governor said, adding that he “asked local governments repeatedly to step up and do the enforcement. That’s what they are supposed to do. Enforce the law. They are not enforcing aggressively enough. I said the State Liquor Authority and State Police would help.”

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