TSA Sees Little Value in Fever Checks at Airports

By Kurt Stolz on 30 June 2020
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Security checkpoint at the new LaGuardia Airport

The Transportation Security Administration may not end up taking passenger temperatures after all.

The head of the agency, David Pekoske, said that checking for fevers at the airport might not be the best way to uncover travelers who have Covid-19 and that the federal government hasn’t made a decision on whether it will implement fever checks at the security checkpoints at the nation’s airports.

“No decision has been made,” said Pekoske, on a call with the media.

Pekoske said that the logistical challenges were numerous, including where such checks would take place and who would do them.  But he underscored that taking passenger temperatures is not a panacea.

“I know in talking to our medical professionals and talking to the Centers for Disease Control is that temperature checks are not a guarantee that passengers who don’t have an elevated temperature also don’t have Covid-19,” he said on the call.

The U.S. airline industry has called for the TSA to assume responsibility for checking passenger temperatures but many experts don’t believe that this would help in the fight against the spread of the virus.

Some passengers who don’t have the coronavirus could present elevated temperatures for other reasons that would not be a justification for denying passage.

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