New York City Hits Major Milestone as Offices Reopen, However Quietly

By Kurt Stolz on 22 June 2020
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The lower Manhattan skyline

New York City began its next phase of reopening Monday, this includes the reopening of the thousands offices in buildings spread throughout the five boroughs.

While offices in the city will indeed reopen, most employees probably won’t return to them, at least for the immediate future.  Companies will be required to limit office capacity and ensure distance between co-workers.

Indeed, rush hour Monday wasn’t any different than any day in the past few months with little foot traffic on sidewalks and relatively empty subway cars.

Forced into a radically different telecommuting routine, many companies find themselves unwilling to subject their workers to even the slightest risk of contagion by requiring them to commute.  Last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio estimated that some 300,000 workers would return to New York City offices, a fraction of the number that commuted prior to the pandemic.

In addition to the reopening of offices, Phase 2 permits outdoor dining at restaurants, limited in-store shopping, and allows barber shops, hair salons, and real estate firmsto resume activities.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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