In Reversal, China to Allow Limited Number of U.S. Flights

By Kurt Stolz on 4 June 2020
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A panda at the Chengdu Panda Base

Reversing an earlier decision, the Chinese government said Thursday that foreign airlines that had been blocked from operating flights to the country amidst coronavirus fears would be allowed to resume a limited number of flights.

The move  lifts a de facto ban on U.S. carriers a day after the Trump Administration banned flights from China operated by Chinese airlines.

The issue arose after the Civil Aviation Authority of China said it was imposing a limit on foreign airlines based on their activity as of March 12.  Because all U.S. carriers had suspended service to China by that date, it set the cap for them at zero, while Chinese flights to the United States were able to continue.

Sino-American relations have become increasingly strained in recent weeks, as the two superpowers sparred over a series of issues including China’s handling of the pandemic.

The CAAC also announced it will allocate additional flights to carriers based on whether all passengers on flights on a given route test negative for Covid-19.  All passengers are required to undergo a test for the virus upon landing.

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