4 Tips to Survive the Rest of the Coronavirus Pandemic

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By Paul Riegler on 12 June 2020
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The warmer weather and sunny skies in most of the Northern Hemisphere, not to mention dozens of protests against police brutality with tens of thousands of particiapnts, can be misleading.  One might even begin to think that the pandemic is over.

It isn’t by a long shot.

In many parts of the world, the number of cases and deaths has fallen dramatically.  In places such as Austria and Germany, the infection rate continues to hold below the key R0 threshold of 1.0.  R0, pronounced “r naught,” is a mathematical term that indicates how contagious an infectious disease is.  It tells you the average number of people who will contract a disease, in this case Covid-19, from one person.  If R0is less than 1, each existing infection causes less than one new infection. As a result, the disease will decline and eventually die out.

In the meantime, here are five things you can do to keep safe.

1.)       Limit the number of people with whom you have close contact

Beyond family, creating a bubble of a few close friends who agree to limit their contacts to within the bubble will allow a semblance of life as it was to return. It’s important for members of the bubble to keep one another updated on any high-risk activities that might cause them to have to be temporarily excluded based on potential exposure, such as attending a protest march in recent weeks.

2.)       Be aware of your surroundings

By all means go to a park and find a place to sit alone or with your family or members of your bubble, but if the park starts to fill up, it’s time to leave.   Don’t worry about passers by such as bikers or runners: Such brief exposure is extremely unlikely to cause you to contract the virus.

3.)       Avoid indoor activities.

Many people are already in the habit of ordering groceries online for delivery and now is not the time to stop. Many stores are now offering curbside delivery so take advantage of that as well. If you must go into a shop, stay away from others, be sure to have a mask on and keep any conversations short.  Use a contactless payment method such as Apple Pay when checking out in a grocery store.

4.)       Keep doing what you’ve been doing thus far

Even when the numbers in your local community seem greatly improved, it only takes one prolonged exposure with someone – even by virtue of being in the same room but not near him – to contract the virus.

Therefore, keep

  • Wearing a mask. It doesn’t matter if you’re the only masked person in the room, you’ll also be the smartest at that point.
  • Washing your hands with alarming frequency
  • Maintaining social distance.  Being standoffish has its benefits.
  • Don’t touch surfaces in public including ATM screens, bannisters, elevator buttons, and other high-touch surfaces.

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