DOT to Allow U.S. Airlines to Temporarily Suspend Service to 75 Airports

By Kurt Stolz on 24 May 2020
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Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

The U.S. Department of Transportation said it would allow 15 U.S. airlines to temporarily halt service to 75 airports amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

United Airlines and Delta Air Lines were granted tentative approval to halt flights to 11 airports each, while JetBlue Airways, Alaska Airlines, and Frontier Airlines won approval to temporarily end service to five airports each.

In announcing the approval, the department said that, despite the temporary halts in service, the airports involved would still be served by a minimum of one carrier.

The move comes after airlines petitioned the DOT to allow it to temporarily suspend service to locations with low passenger demand during the pandemic.

United plans to temporarily discontinue service to 11 airports including Chattanooga, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Kalamazoo, and Key West, while Delta will discontinue service to 11 airports including Aspen, Bangor, Flint, and Santa Barbara.

Meanwhile, JetBlue will temporarily discontinue service to Albuquerque, Palm Springs, Sacramento, Sarasota, and Worcester, while Alaska will halt flights to Charleston, Columbus, El Paso, New Orleans, and San Antonio.

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