Coronavirus Update: Germany to Reopen Some Shops, Trump Pulls WHO Funding, Moscow’s Digital Pass System Backfires

By Anna Breuer on 15 April 2020
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The interior of Notre Dame several months before the fire


Bundeskanzler Angela Merkel said that some shops in Germany could reopen next week, but most restrictions would remain in place until at least May.

In the United States, President Trump said he was temporarily withdrawing the country’s contribution to the World Health Organization, pending a formal investigationinto the global health agency and its coronavirus response

Retailers in the United States reported a record decline in sales for March, although grocery stores and pharmacies saw a surge in demand.

A French court ordered Amazon to limit its deliveries to essential goods, ruling that the company failed to protect its workers from the novel coronavirus. Amazon is appealing the order.


Practice social distancing consistently no matter where you are outside your home and wear a mask in public.  Wash your hands often.  When you do leave to go shopping, wipe down your shopping cart with a Clorox-type wipe.  And did we say, “wash your hands”?


The number of coronavirus cases across the globe crossed the two million mark at 2.03 million, of which 492,892 have recovered, based on data compiled by Worldometer, a service that compiles and makes available world statistics. The death toll now stands at 129,091.

The situation in Moscow is worsening. As of Wednesday, the city had recorded 14,776 confirmed cases and the city’s mayor, Sergey Sobyanim, warned that the numbers were likely to significantly increase in the coming days.

With over 68,000 fatalities, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom continue to account for over half of the global death toll.

In the United States and its territories, the number of confirmed cases is 616,168, while the death toll stands at 26,196, roughly 4.3%.

In Russia, the total number of confirmed cases was at least 21,102, more than double the level of five days earlier, with a death toll of at least 170. Two-thirds of the cases are in Moscow.

Put differently, Spain now has 397 deaths per million members of the population while Italy has 348.  Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland have had 385, 241, 183, and 142 deaths per million respectively, while China, Germany, and the United States have reported two, 43, and 79 deaths per million respectively.


04-15 Although the fire that left a gaping hole in the nave of the Notre Dame took place exactly one year ago today, the cathedral remains in a fragile state. Worker to stabilize the 800-year-old structure prior to the start of restoration was suspended indefinitely last March amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

04-15 Moscow’s new digital pass system, intended to control movement around the city, resulted in a mass of rush-hour commuters waiting for police to check their papers.

04-15 Emirates Airline became the first carrier to test passengers for the novel coronavirus.  Using tests that take ten minutes to process, the airline tested passengers slated to fly on a rescue flight to Tunisia.

04-14 Boston University became the first American college or university to announce that it may not resume classes on campus until January 2021. The January start date would happen in the “unlikely event” that local health officials were to advise that social distancing measures should extend through the fall, the college said on its official news site.


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