U.S. Airlines Could Shut Down, Report Says

By Paul Riegler on 24 March 2020
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American Airlines planes in Miami

Airlines in the United States are drafting plans for a possible voluntary or government-ordered shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Wall Street Journal reported.

One airline in the country, Hawaiian Airlines, has already suspended all international flights and virtually all flights to the mainland, while cutting back substantially on inter-island flights.

U.S. airlines are already cancelling thousands of flights on a daily basis to cope with a dwindling number of passengers, the temporary shutdown of at least 12 air-traffic control towers due to coronavirus-related staffing issues, and coronavirus outbreaks amongst TSA screeners at airports.  American Airlines and Delta Air Lines each cancelled roughly 40% of their flights on Monday, according to data published by FlightStats, a service that tracks such information.

Industry executives and federal officials told the Journal that no final decisions have been made by either party.

Some airline executives, union officials, and government officials believe that a shutdown is all but inevitable, the paper said.

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