New York City Temporarily Cuts Subway Service by 25% as Ridership Plunges by 87%

By Kurt Stolz on 24 March 2020
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New York 42 Street subway station

New York City’s subways, which have seen an unprecedented 87% drop in ridership, will also see cutbacks in service as the staff that keeps the system going falls prey to the novel coronavirus.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said Tuesday it will reduce bus service in the city by approximately 25% starting Wednesday.  It will reduce Long Island Rail Road and Metro North Railroad commuter rail service by 35% starting Friday.  Six express lines, namely the No. 4, 5, 6, and 7 as well as the J and D lines, will run locally as well.

The move comes after 52 workers tested positive for Covid-19 and resultant staffing shortages caused multiple service delays.

The 87% drop amounts to nearly 4.8 million subway riders per day. The city’s entire mass transit system typically carries eight million people per day.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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