Coronavirus Update: Moscow in Lockdown, CNN Anchor Cuomo Tests Positive, CDC Reconsiders Mask Guidance

By Anna Breuer on 31 March 2020
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A hall in the Grand Kremlin Palace


China’s coronavirus figures are in doubt, while Muscovites woke up to a city in lockdown that is unprecedented in peacetime as residents were told to stay indoors. Red Square is empty, malls are shuttered, and parks have been closed.

Meanwhile, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, tested positive for the virus, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control said it is reconsidering its guidance that people not wear masks after the release of new data that shows that many people who are asymptomatic are carrying the virus and infecting others.


Practice social distancing consistently no matter where you are outside your home.  Wash your hands often.  When you do leave to go shopping, wipe down your shopping cart with a Clorox-type wipe.  And did we say, “wash your hands”?


The number of coronavirus cases across the globe is now 742,283, of which 157,053 have recovered, based on data compiled by Worldometer, a service that compiles and makes available world statistics. The death toll now stands at 35,339.

Across Europe, countries continue to see a steady rise in new confirmed cases and deaths.  The death toll in Italy and Spain is now over 20,000, approximately half the global total.

In the United States and its territories, the number of confirmed cases is at least 176,500, while the death toll stands at 3,341.

Put differently, Italy now has 206 deaths per million members of the population while Spain has 177. The Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland have had 61, 61, and 46 deaths per million respectively, while China, Germany, and the United States have reported two, eight, and ten deaths per million respectively.


03-31 Many observers are becoming increasingly skeptical of China’s official tally both of confirmed Covid-19 cases as well as the death toll, given Wuhan’s overwhelmed healthcare system, early attempts to cover up the outbreak in its initial stages at the start of the year, and the multiple revisions officials have made to the manner in which confirmed cases are tallied.  In addition, the quantity of urns used in cremations in Wuhan in recent weeks far outnumbers the official death toll there, unofficial observers report.

03-30 The states of Virgin and Maryland as well as the neighboring District of Columbia became the latest places to tell residents to stay at home.

03-30 Airbus said it is pausing production in Spain due to new measures put into place by the Spanish government to combat the spread of the coronavirus.   The temporary suspension will remain in effect until April 9, 2020.


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