Flight Review: WestJet Premium Class New York-LaGuardia – Toronto

WestJet gate at LaGuardia Airport

By Jonathan Spira on 28 February 2020
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With apologies to another North American airline, the friendly skies may also be found at WestJet, Canada’s second largest carrier. From my telephone call to the reservations center, where I spoke with an agent, Pam, who – despite my lack of status with the airline – treated me like a valued passenger and customer, to the gate agent with the engaging smile, it was a refreshing change.

My flight – a positioning flight to Toronto so I could catch British Airways’ new Airbus A350 to London – was my first on WestJet and also my first on a 737-600.

The Boeing 737-600, which is part of the 737 Next Generation Lineup that also includes the 737-700, -800, and -900, is the rarest of the 737s.  The 737 Next Generation family of aircraft, which is the third generation of the 737, features a redesigned wing with a larger area, a wider wingspan, greater fuel capacity, as well as higher maximum takeoff weights.  The -600 replaced the -500, which is part of the second generation of the aircraft, which in turn had replaced the -200, part of the original 737 lineup.  A total of 69 737-600s have been produced, compared to the 10,500 737s from all four generations that have been delivered.

WestJet has 13 737-600s out of the 125 aircraft in its all-Boeing fleet and the airline is the largest operator of the type.

I arrived at Terminal C at LaGuardia at perhaps just the right moment, which means that, despite some activity in the check-in area, the PreCheck line was empty and I breezed through the security checkpoint. I did notice that those at the airport from staff to passengers seemed to be in a particularly good mood: this would be a harbinger of things to come for the remainder of the day.


WestJet invites its premium passengers as well as those with Gold and Platinum status to board first.  I was the first to enter the aircraft – given a few minutes to take pictures – and the flight attendants were in the cabin preparing for the flight and welcoming passengers.  There was no pre-departure beverage and, since the aircraft doesn’t have a closet to hang coats, the crew doesn’t offer that as an amenity.


Flight 1207 pushed back 29 minutes late, at 12:29 p.m., and, following a taxi of 34 minutes, was airborne at 1:03 p.m.  The delay was due to a departure delay in Toronto for our aircraft due to heavy snow.

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