Europe Faces Up to the Coronavirus as Cases in Italy Soar

A street in Bozen or Bolzano, Italy, in the Alto Adige or Südtirol

By Paul Riegler on 23 February 2020
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The Italian government implemented the strongest measures yet in Europe to combat the novel coronavirus, including the imposition of fines, after a third person died of the virus on Sunday.

The move comes after the number of cases in the first major outbreak of Covid-19 in Europe rose to 152.

The outbreak appears to be one of a growing number of clusters of cases with no direct to the outbreak in Wuhan.

Officials are locking down more than 50,000 people in 11 towns mostly in the Lombardy region where the outbreak was reported.

The third person to die was a patient in Cremona, a city in Lombardy.

“The woman had been admitted to oncology, so was in a very compromised situation and also had coronavirus,” said Giulio Gallera, the region’s health and welfare minister.

Officials enacted emergency measures into place throughout the country, closing schools, businesses, and restaurants, and cancelling religious services and sporting events in dozens of towns in Lombardy and Veneto. In Milan, the country’s business capital and the regional capital of Veneto, the city’s mayor closed public offices. A number of Serie A football matches including an Inter Milan match were cancelled in the region as well.

Two of the cases were in Venice, the first time the virus has appeared in that city, although the region of Veneto, of which Venice is the capital, has reported a total of 25 cases.  Officials also cancelled the final two days of the Carnevale de Venezia, or Venice Carnival, ending the Christian celebration of Lent.)

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