Coronavirus Update: New Cases in Hong Kong, Korea, Cruise Ship Quarantine Ends for Some

By Anna Breuer on 19 February 2020
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Chinese officials on Wednesday reported 1,749 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus and an additional 136 deaths in the preceding 24 hours.

The total number of people infected with the coronavirus in mainland China is at least 74,185 and 2,004 have died as a result. The total number of deaths from the virus outside China is six.


02-19 Three new cases of Covid-19 in Hong Kong were confirmed, bringing the total to 65. The news came shortly after a second person with the virus, a 70-year-old man, became the second fatality connected to the virus in the city.

02-19 The number of people in South Korea with the coronavirus rose to 51 after five more members of an evangelical church tested positive for the virus, bringing the number from the Daegu church to 15.

02-19 An initial group of 500 people were let off the cruise ship Diamond Princess in Yokohama as a two-week quarantine period came to an end.  Japanese officials said that it would take three days for all those who are eligible to disembark.  Meanwhile, an additional 79 cases were reported on this ship, bringing the total of confirmed cases on board to at least 621.

02-19 Adidas said that its sales in Asia have dropped 85% as a result of the virus.

02-18 Some 740 passengers on the cruise ship Westerdam, which had been turned away from five ports across Asia, were allowed to disembark after testing negative for the coronavirus. Cambodia had initially allowed 1,000 passengers to disembark with minimal testing and one passenger who had already left the country tested positive for the virus on Saturday.  The remaining passengers will be allowed to disembark Wednesday.

02-18 A passenger from the Westerdam who was quarantined at a hotel in Cambodia broke quarantine by sneaking out of the hotel where ship’s passengers were being held pending the outcome of test results for the virus.  Peter King flew to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Monday on his way home to Eugene, Oregon. He had been a performer on the Westerdam prior to the outbreak of the virus.  King told local reporters in Oregon that he had a speaking engagement that he needed to get to.

02-18 The World Health Organization said that the harsh measures employed by China in Wuhan such as closing schools, factories and places of business; shutting down train, bus, and airline travel; and urging residents to stay home worked and delayed the spread of the virus by several days.

02-18 Russia said it is barring entry to most Chinese citizens and called it a “temporary measure.” The move includes residents of Hong Kong and Macau and goes into effect on February 20.

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