Coronavirus Update: Death Toll Climbs to 1,380, Medical Workers Infected, A Cure?

By Anna Breuer on 14 February 2020
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The death toll and number of infections from the Wuhan coronavirus continued to climb Wednesday.  Officials in China reported 121 new deaths, bringing the total to at least 1,380, and 5,090 new confirmed cases that were recorded in the previous 24 hours. The total number of cases is now at least 63,851

In addition, Chinese officials reported that 1,716 medical workers have contracted the virus and that six of them have died.  The overwhelming majority – 1,502 – were in Hubei Province, with 1,102 in Wuhan.


02-14 A medical clinic in Hong Kong that has been designated to treat the coronavirus suffered a second arson attack overnight. No one was injured in the attack and there was minor damage to the office.

02-14 Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said that the government would try to repatriate the more than 2,000 city residents stranded in Hubei and aboard the Diamond Princess, the cruise ship currently quarantined in Yokohama.

02-14 Russian media reported that at least five people in the country fled their quarantine.  One person reportedly jumped out of a window. The formerly quarantined patients cited uncooperative doctors and poor and chaotic conditions, and feared they would become infected with the coronavirus.

02-14 Valentines Day is traditionally a popular holiday in China but shuttered hotels, cinemas, and restaurants have left couples few places to celebrate.  Popular gifts this year included face masks and goggles.

02-13 A Chinese biotech company owned by the government said that the administration of a round of human antibodies from survivors of the coronavirus to ten critically ill patients caused inflammation levels in those patients to drop significantly within 24 hours of treatment.

02-13 China’s state-run broadcaster, CCTV, reported that the government has expanded its roundup of sick or possibly infected people beyond Wuhan, which is at the center of the outbreak. The roundups now include other cities in Hubei Province.

02-13 Japanese officials reported the first death from the coronavirus in the country.  The death of the woman, who was in her 80s, is the third from the virus outside mainland China. The woman had reportedly never been to China.

02-13 A 15th person in the United States is infected with the coronavirus. The Centers for Disease Control said that the individual is someone who arrived last week on a State Department-chartered flight from China and is now in isolation at a hospital.



02-13 China changed the diagnostic criteria for the Wuhan coronavirus. The change came about because the specialized testing kits used to detect the coronavirus have been in short supply.  China’s state-run Xinhua news Agency reported that national health authorities updated guidelines to include “clinically diagnosed” coronavirus cases in the confirmed total.  Until now, officials only counted cases confirmed by nucleic acid tests.

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