British Airways Club Europe Business Class London-Munich – Flight Review

By Paul Riegler on 10 February 2020
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Until I started flying more often on oneworld airlines, I didn’t fully appreciate what British Airways had to offer in its Club Europe business-class offering – plus. I was wary about Heathrow’s Terminal 5, a facility that, as FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira doesn’t hesitate to point out, became functionally obsolete not long after its opening.

Adding to the excitement of my trip was an e-mail the night before departure from the airline advising that, because of a promised strike by French air-traffic controllers, my flight could be delayed or cancelled.  But no news was good news as the trip proceeded on schedule.

Still, T5 does have its charms such as excellent BA lounges, and I arrived there on a cold winter’s morning ready to enjoy the joys of the BA Galleries Lounge’s porridge.  It was fairly straightforward to locate signs for Fast Track, the priority entrance for the security checkpoint, and scanned the boarding pass in my Wallet app on my Apple Watch to bypass the throngs of passengers waiting on what I would presume is slow track, or appeared to be at any rate.  The doors to the barrier opened based on my watch’s say-so and I proceeded to a fairly short queue that seemed to be moving ahead quickly.

Once inside the secure area of the terminal, it was a short walk to the Galleries South terminal, which was closest to what I guessed my gate would be and offered panoramic views of the T5 apron and tarmac.  I chose a seat in the area in a separate room away from the buffet, where I had been previously with Mr. Spira to enjoy the view, and fetched a bowl of porridge, a surprisingly crisp croissant, and a triple-shot cappuccino.


Our flight was departing from Gate A5, a five-minute walk from the lounge.  While it was already quite crowded, there was dedicated boarding access for business-class passengers that allowed me to bypass what had at that point become somewhat of an unruly queue.  BA offers business-class passengers, as well as elite members of its Executive Club, the privilege to board first and I was the first on the aircraft.

Perhaps somewhat disappointingly, we boarded via a jetbridge and not at a remote stand, which prevented my taking photos of the aircraft from the tarmac.

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