How to Use Uber’s New PIN Safety Feature

By Paul Riegler on 9 January 2020
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A key safety feature that Uber announced last fall is now available to passengers of the ride-hailing service.

The Uber PIN safety feature matches riders and drivers using four-digit Personal Identification Numbers.  The feature was introduced after a series of incidents that have resulted in public outcry over the potential lack of safety measures that such companies offer.

“To make sure you get in the right car, you’ll now be able to choose to receive a unique four-digit PIN to verbally provide to your driver,” the company said in a message on its website. “The driver will only be able to start your trip in the app once the correct PIN has been entered.”

The feature will ensure a passenger is in the correct Uber but it will do nothing do prevent someone from getting in a car that looks like an Uber but isn’t.  Uber does have other features that can prevent this including providing the license plate of the car and color-matching technology to let the passenger know to look for the specific color of the driver’s beacon display.

Using the PIN is easy.  First add the PIN feature to your account by opening the Uber app and going to Settings.  Tap Verify Your Rides  and toggle the feature on.  Uber then gives you a choice of having the feature active on all rides or just those at night.  Tap Done to complete the setup process.

The next time you hail an Uber, you will receive a new four-digit PIN that you will need to provide to the driver in order to proceed with the trip.

Drivers are required to ask the rider for the PIN and input it before the trip can start, although nothing will prevent an unscrupulous driver from pulling away from the curb once a passenger has entered the vehicle.

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