Winter Storm Leaves 100,000 Homes and Businesses Without Power, Causes Extensive Flight Delays

By Jesse Sokolow on 30 December 2019
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Snow, sleet, and ice.   These were words uttered by dozens of local television and radio weather forecasters in the Midwest and Northeast Monday as a winter storm moved through those regions.

In a few areas, those forecasters had to add, “Danger of downed power lines” as high winds in Ohio toppled trees and telephone poles and left thousands without electricity.

In eastern North Dakota, officials had to issue a travel advisory for some areas after several interstate highways linking Bismarck and Fargo were shut down Sunday afternoon. The roads were reopened Monday.

In the town of Otis, Massachusetts, officials declared a state of emergency after winds reaching 60 mph (96 km/h) downed dozens of trees, causing extensive power outages.  “It’s just not safe. Trees are falling at such a random rate, you just don’t know where they’re going to fall next,” Otis Police Chief Daniel Hamill told Western Mass News.

In total, power failures affected over 100,000 homes and residences according to data from, a project that tracks such data across the United States.

Those attempting to flee the bad weather didn’t fare much better. Almost 7,000 flights were delayed on Monday, with the delays centered around airports in the Midwest including Chicago O’Hare and Minneapolis St. Paul.

Meanwhile, the forecast for New York City, where 1.5 million people are expected to crowd into Times Square to watch the ball drop, is dry with temperatures expected to be above the freezing mark.

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