Parliament Rebuffs Brexit Deal While Protestors March to Demand Second Referendum

By Paul Riegler on 19 October 2019
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The London Eye

The London Eye

U.K. lawmakers voted on Saturday to delay the approval of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s deal with the European Union on the country’s departure from the bloc.

As Members of Parliament debated debated the prime minister’s deal, hundreds of thousands of anti-Brexit protesters chanting “No Brexit” descended upon the Palace of Westminster to demand a second referendum. Inside, Johnson called his deal “the greatest single restoration of national sovereignty in parliamentary history” and one “that can heal the rift in British politics.”

The move threw the entire Brexit process into chaos and left the current deal in limbo, opening the door to multiple possible outcomes including a no-deal exit, a second referendum, a general election, or even the deal that is currently on the table.

The vote on Saturday requires Mr. Johnson to seek another extension for Britain’s exit from the European Union, although he said he would not negotiate one.

Today’s drama in Parliament was the latest in a soap opera that has gripped the country since 2016 when the country narrowly voted to leave the European Union, which it had joined in 1973.

Protestors contend that voters were mislead before the 2016 vote.  They were joined by celebrities and two former prime ministers, Tony Blair and John Major, who

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