Short Stay: The Windsor Boutique Hotel, Asheville, North Carolina

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A sterile cookie-cutter hotel room this was not. Rather, I felt as though I had been invited to an exclusive weekend at an Agatha Christie mansion in the woods, and each room contained historic artifacts from a time when objects were made with care and precision. I half expected to wake up in the morning to witness Hercule     Poirot, addressing the assembled guests in the lobby with “There’s been a murder at the Windsor!”

But there was no murder. Instead, I succumbed to the character of my suite reveling in the details: the chilled beer glasses in the freezer, the plush slippers and all-cotton robes in the bedroom closet. I studied the materials: the single polished piece of cut tree that served as a cocktail bar, the concrete-cast beverage coasters on the coffee table, the wrought-iron toilet paper holder in the bathroom.

The local coffee beans next to the coffeemaker (not a Keurig, of course), the locally-made macarons left on the bedpillow, and the menu of locally-sourced wines in the room communicated the hotel’s effort to support neighborhood businesses.

Everything including beverages and snacks in the lobby, blazing fast Wi-Fi, and even the hotel water bottles that typically (and infamously) cost more than a sandwich was complimentary. Also available for no additional cost were personal care items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, razors and shaving cream, and “anything else that you may need for your stay.” I stopped short of asking Elijah for the new iPhone 11, but grabbed a razor from the front desk as I had forgotten to pack one.

When it came time to tuck in for the night, I found my suite’s king bed to be very comfortable. The mattress was soft but firm and the pillows cool and plush. I woke up feeling rested ready for the day.

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