Marriott to Roll Out Peak, Off-Peak Award Pricing in September

By Paul Riegler on 15 August 2019
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Marriott International said its Bonvoy guest loyalty program will introduce multiple rate categories for awards in September.

Starting September 14, the hotelier will add peak and off-peak rates in addition to the standard rates that currently appear on the chart.

Under the new award chart, the standard redemption cost for a Category 1 room will be 7,500 points, while the off-peak price will be 5,000.  The peak pricewill be 10,000.  For a Category 5 room, the standard price will be 35,000 points, while the off-peak price will be 30,000 and the peak price 40,000.

The peak and off-peak dates will be adjusted monthly, Marriott said.  The company said that the rates will be based on demand, so “when a hotel is less busy, you’ll be able to redeem for fewer points when booking your reward stay.”

In a video distributed by the hotelier, the company said to “be creative” with your travel plans for the best deals.

One significant change Marriott is making is with its points advance feature. Currently, Bonvoy members can lock in the rate of a room even when the member’s account does not have the full number of points required for the stay.  Starting September 14, the feature will lock in a reservation but the number of points for the stay will be determined based on the current redemption price for the room at the time the member has sufficient points.

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