JetBlue Looks Back in Aviation History to the ‘Alright Bros.’ in New Ad Campaign

By Jesse Sokolow on 12 August 2019
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JetBlue Airways wants to make sure that everyone is familiar with some lesser-known aspects of modern aviation history beyond the story of the brothers Wilbur and Orville, who are credited with the invention of the airplane. 

As part of a new marketing campaign that informs travelers that “just alright doesn’t fly here,” the airline introduces the fictional Alright brothers who, in contrast to the Wright brothers, are credited with having invented poor airline customer service at Alright Bros. Airlines.

“So we know the Wright Brothers invented air travel, but the Alright brothers made flying what it’s really like today,” an announcer says without a trace of irony at the start of one of the videos that is part of the multi-media campaign.

“What’s the least we can do?” one of the Alright brothers asks the other, as a group of wretched looking passengers on Alright Bros. Airlines, raising their hands with never-to-be-answered questions, stands before them.

The new campaign, which the New York-based airline will deliver via television, radio, and social media, is intended to demonstrate that complacency simply won’t fly at JetBlue.

“It’s crazy people used to fly that way,” a JetBlue gate agent comments to a colleague, as if the Alright Bros. and their interactions were real.  “What’s crazier is, some still do” the colleague replies.

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