EPA Inspector General Recommends Agency Recover $124,000 in Pruitt’s ‘Excessive’ Travel Expenses

By Anna Breuer on 16 May 2019
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Pruitt preferred to fly on Delta in first class

Pruitt preferred to fly on Delta in first class

Scott Pruitt, the former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, along with his staff, spent approximately $124,000 in excessive travel costs during a ten-month period, the agency said.

The report, from the EPA’s Office of the Inspector General, found that Pruitt and his personal security detail flew in first or business class “without sufficient justification and, initially without appropriate approval authority.”

Pruitt resigned from the EPA almost a year ago amidst a flood of alleged ethics abuses.

The audit by the agency’s internal watchdog found that, in nearly half of the 40 trips, including six cancelled ones, half stopped in, or were to, Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Pruitt had a home while he was head of the agency. The report found “missing detailed support” for some of those trips.

The findings recommended that the agency consider recovering $123,942 in excessive costs.

Travel during the ten-month period cost approximately one million dollars and most of the costs were consumed by Pruitt’s security detail, which was twice the size and more than double the cost of his predecessor’s.

In April 2018, Pruitt reportedly pushed subordinates to help him earn frequent-flyer program miles by flying an airline not on the government’s approved list and book expensive hotels that were also not on the approved list, according to testimony given by one of his former top deputies at the agency.

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