BA Removal of the Financial Times on Flights Draws Scrutiny

By Paul Riegler on 17 April 2019
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The removal by British Airways of the Financial Times newspaper from its onboard selection of reading material is drawing controversy after a U.K. industry publication said that the move resulted from negative coverage of the airline in the paper.

Somewhat cheekily referring to itself as “the world’s favourite business newspaper,” an echo of the British Airways slogan, “the world’s favourite airline,” the paper, which is headquartered in London and owned by Nikkei told subscribers that the airline “has decided to stop providing the Financial Times to passengers on flights, in lounges, and at gates worldwide,” and recommended that readers pick up a copy in the airport or read it online.

“We regret the inconvenience caused to our regular readers by BA’s abrupt decision to end its long-standing partnership with the FT. Of course, the world’s favourite business newspaper is widely available on a range of other leading airlines.”

The PressGazette, which covers journalism in the United Kingdom, said in a story Tuesday that BA stopped carrying the paper “in response to negative stories about it in the paper.” The PressGazette cited an unnamed source at the Financial Times who said that BA “dropped the FT because they don’t like our coverage of them,” adding that it had “nothing to do with cost – it’s a reaction to the journalism. Plain and simple.”

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