American Airlines Flight 300: More Details Emerge on Flight That Nearly Ended in Disaster

By Anna Breuer on 18 April 2019
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An AA Airbus A321T at JFK

An AA Airbus A321T at JFK

The National Transportation Safety Board said on Wednesday that it is investigating the terrifying takeoff of an American Airlines Airbus A321 from John F. Kennedy International Airport that took place on April 10 of this year.

“NTSB is investigating the April 10, 2019, accident at JFK International Airport,” the agency said in a tweet, adding that the aircraft “experienced a roll during takeoff and hit a runway distance marker with the left wingtip.”

The Airbus A321T, part of American’s subfleet used on its premium transcon routes from New York City to San Francisco and Los Angeles, was taking off for its flight to Los Angeles when the aircraft uncontrollably banked 45° to the left, striking a light and a sign on the runway.

“We were banking …uncontrolled bank, 45° to the left,” one of the pilots said to air traffic control.

The pilots were, however, able to stabilize the plane.

The incident left a gash in the wing but the pilots were apparently unaware of the damage and climbed to a higher altitude.

“We’d just like to return to Kennedy,” they said. “Have them check it out.”

The plane was able to land safely at JFK but the incident left the passengers shaken.

Experts believe the plane could have crashed had the pilots not been able to immediately stabilize the aircraft.

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