Lobby Bar – March 29: Snow White, Fake News, and ‘I’ll Take Time Zones for $200, Alex!’

By Anna Breuer on 29 March 2019
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Lobby Bar: We’ll Be Right Back After This Brief Commercial Break

This time we really mean it.  After being placed on life support several times since it attempted to sell itself to competitor Icelandair last November, Wow Air “suddenly” ceased operations (as one TV news network put it), stranding thousands of passengers who had no way to get home.  Need we say more?

But there’s more. Wow Air’s pilots are blaming the media for the airline’s demise, saying that the reporting of the company’s downward spiral actually caused the downward spiral. This is just so good on its own, the Lobby Bar team doesn’t even have to add anything to it.

No thanks, we’ll stay! The slow painful withdrawal of Britain from the European Union has become even slower and more painful.  As a result, France’s foreign minister named her cat Brexit, explaining that the cat meows loudly to be let out each morning, but then refuses to go outside when she opens the door.

Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It’s off to smoke we go….  Disney is banning smoking at its theme parks in the United States.  The seven dwarfs were seen picketing outside Walt Disney World’s entrance on Thursday, carrying signs that said “No Smokee, No Workee.”

All roads lead to… Some 20% of all flights suffer from delays and the airlines with the best on-time arrivals aren’t the biggest or best known.  Hawaiian Airlines leads the pack with 87.5% of its flights arriving on time. While the airline’s main destination may not be the one you need for your next trip, you might consider switching: after all, what beats a trip to Honolulu or Maui?

Daylight Subliminal Time. Daylight Saving Time celebrated its 101st birthday this year and now Europe is changing clocks this weekend.  The first year daylight saving time was celebrated, churches were urged to ring their church bells “more lustily” to remind people about the time change. Now, we just have Russian agents whispering to you through the smartphone by your bed to subconsciously remind you about waking up an hour earlier.

Badge upgrade.  AT&T is displaying a 5G logo on many of its phones where 4G LTE would previously be displayed.  There’s no actual change in speed but customers swear their devices are twice as fast now.

Welcome to our one-stop flight to Düsseldorf, via Edinburgh.  Whenever you hear of a passenger getting on a flight for Sydney instead of Sidney, did you wonder if pilots could make a similar mistake and fly the aircraft to the wrong destination?  Thanks, British Airways, for the answer, you’re a lock for this year’s Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan memorial award.

Clean me! Hilton is going to recycle soap left behind in guest rooms to give to the needy, it announced. The hotelier has committed to sending zero soap to landfills by 2030.  In other news, environmentalists told Congress to expect dirtier landfills by 2030.

Jeremy Del Nero and Basilio Alferow contributed to this Lobby Bar.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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