Canada Grounds Boeing 737 Max, Citing New Satellite Data

By Anna Breuer on 13 March 2019
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DSC_0915 (1)Canada became the latest country to ground the Boeing 737 Max on Wednesday.

The move came in the wake of the deadly Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max 8 crash on Sunday outside Addis Ababa.   Over two dozen countries have taken similar steps.

On Tuesday, Ottawa had said it had no plans to take any action on the Max.

The announcement came after the country’s transportation minister, Marc Garneau, said his agency had reviewed newly available satellite tracking data that suggested similarities between the recent crash of the Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max and the crash last year of a Lion Air 737 Max.

The agency banned Boeing 737 Max jets, including Max 8 and Max9 variants from taking off, landing or flying through the country’s airspace as a precautionary measure.

“This new information is not conclusive,” the minister cautioned when speaking to reporters.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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