Britons March to Demand Second Brexit Vote

By Paul Riegler on 23 March 2019
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London, England

London, England

Hundreds of thousands of Britons marched in London in protest of Britain’s planned exit from the European Union on Saturday afternoon, calling on the government to hold a second referendum on Brexit, as it is called.

“Brexit is a complete and utter mess,“ London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan told the crowds in Parliament Square.

Protestors of all ages carried signs that carried a strong message.

“Brexit is Rubbish,” said one while another read “If EU leave me now, EU take away the biggest part of me.” Another read “All EU need is love.”

The protest’s organizers estimated the crowd to have been one million people, many who traveled to London from across the country.

While Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, was silent about the protests on Saturday, the party’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, said he would support a second public referendum on Brexit.

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