U.S. Airlines Move to Add Gender-Neutral Option to Booking Process

A United Airlines reservations screen, to come with gender-neutral options

By Paul Riegler on 17 February 2019
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Six U.S. airlines said they are working to introduce additional gender options for travelers who do not identify exclusively as male or female.

The change will add options for “unspecified” and “undisclosed” and will keep airlines in compliance with U.S. and foreign government requirements that allow passenger data to match the identification carried by travelers to airport security checkpoints and immigration controls.

The move follows the adoption of new standards for travelers with non-binary gender identification by two industry groups, Airlines for America, which represents the nation’s major airlines, and the International Air Transport Association.

“U.S. airlines value a culture of diversity and inclusion, both in the workplace and for our passengers,” said Airlines for America in a statement. “We work hard each day to accommodate the needs of all travelers while delivering a safe, secure, and enjoyable flight experience.”

United Airlines said it is close to adding the two new gender options, “U” for “undisclosed” and “X” for “unspecified,” while American Airlines and Delta Air Lines said they are both working to offer these options. Alaska Airlines, JetBlue Airways, and Southwest Airlines confirmed they are looking into making the change as well.

“We are excited to share this next step as we continue to break down barriers to promote inclusion,” said United Airlines in a statement.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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