Lobby Bar – February 15: Lady Chablis, King of the Road, and ‘I’ll Take Salvador Dali Airplanes for $250, Alex!’

By Anna Breuer on 15 February 2019
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Lobby Bar: At 60 mph, the Loudest Noise Comes from the Electric Clock

Can’t take the heat.  American Airlines is effectively moving 700 flight attendants from Phoenix to Dallas/Fort Worth.  Rumors at the company say the reason is that too many of the company’s airliners were melting in the hot desert sun, but that’s only a rumor.  In a cost saving measure, American booked flights for the attendants on Southwest Airlines and said it will provide box lunches for them.

Born to rail.  Paul Riegler flies to Boston thinking he was invited for tea at the Fairmont Copley Plaza.  It turns out he was assigned to report on riding the T – the city’s rapid transit system – from the airport to downtown.  His trip was not completely in vain, however, as he did get to have tea on the flight back and, unlike Charlie on the M-T-A, he did return.

Lost in space. Jonathan Spira sets out to go for dinner at 10 Corso Como but, despite using Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze, gets lost in a space-time continuum between Rome and New York.  After wandering back and forth for days, he somehow ended up in Seoul where he finally located the restaurant.

Size does matter.  When Airbus first floated the idea of the mammoth A380 super jumbo, skeptics warned the unwieldy aircraft would simply be too heavy, too long, and even too tall for most airports.  After two decades of trying to sell the idea to the world’s airlines and achieving minimal success, Airbus is ending production after coming to the realization that the A380 was, in fact, too big.

Have a good trip, see you next fall!  Marriott’s choice of Bonvoy as its new guest loyalty program name continues to confound people.  The term “bon voyage” means “good journey” so what is it that Marriott is trying to say? “Good jou”?

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