6 Tips and Tricks for the Apple iPhone Reminders App

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2.) Set a Reminder from Within Another App

One of the least known features, not only in Reminders but in the context of the iPhone, is the ability to set a reminder, when reading a news story, looking at a map, or browsing a website, that includes a link back to what you were looking at. This does not work with all apps, however, most notably not with the New York Times’ iOS app.

To use this feature, either ask Siri to “Remind me about this later” or specify a time and date for the reminder by substituting that information instead of saying “later.”

Examples include:

  • Remind me about this tomorrow at noon.
  • Remind me about this Saturday at 11 a.m.

It’s also possible to tap the Action button (that’s the little square button with the upward pointing arrow) and type the reminder in by then choosing Reminders. However, using Siri is faster and more convenient.

3.) Organize Reminder Lists

The Reminders app allows you to maintain multiple lists of reminders and these lists are easily shareable via the Action button. To create a new list, swipe down from the top of a current list of Reminders and tap the “+” symbol at the very top. Select the account you want to add the list to, name the list, and select a color. When finished, tap done.

4.) Sharing Reminders and Group Reminder List Management

To share a list, tap the desired list, select Edit > Sharing, tap Add Person and select the appropriate individual(s).

Once someone accepts the invitation that will be sent, you or he can add, delete, and mark reminders as having been completed.

5.) Repeating Alerts

Reminders allows users to set recurring reminders – be it “Water the plants” or “Take my pill” – based on parameters specified at the time the reminder is created.

You can create daily reminders, weekly reminders, monthly reminders, and so on simply by creating the reminder and then clicking the “it” to the right of it on the screen.

6.) Location-Based Reminders and Alerts

Reminders can be location sensitive so they can be set to alert you to a task when you arrive or leave at a specific location or even when you get in or out of your car, presuming your iPhone is either paired to the car or connected via CarPlay.

Examples include

  • Remind me to stop for groceries after leaving work.
  • Remind me to call Michael Smith when I get into the car.

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