More TSA Security Screeners Call In Sick as Government Shutdown Enters Day 30

By Paul Riegler on 20 January 2019
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IMG_41972The Transportation Security Administration released on Sunday absenteeism figures for Friday and Saturday, days 28 and 29 of the partial government shutdown. The shutdown will enter its 30th day on Monday.

The absence rate for Friday was 7% and it was 8% on Saturday. The average absenteeism figure a year ago was roughly 3%.

Also on Saturday, Baltimore/Washington International Airport became the latest major airport to have to close a checkpoint due to staffing issues.

To combat the issue, the TSA has sent extra staff to airports in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami, where the issue has been most acute, according to agency spokesman Michael Bilello.

Absenteeism at airports may increase before things get better, however.

“TSA’s capability is still limited and will ultimately lead to increased lane closures in order to maintain security effectiveness,” Bilello said. “We will not compromise security standards.”

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