Lobby Bar – December 28: Coach Class, The Archies, and ‘I’ll Take the Icelandic Alphabet for $100, Alex!’

By Anna Breuer on 28 December 2018
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Lobby Bar: To Be Consumed with Half a Glass of Egg Nog

Aliens have finally arrived.  A gigantic plume of smoke colored by a blinking blue light hovering over New York City caused anxiety for residents, until it was revealed that it was just Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ arrival in his spacecraft.

Self-Loading Freight.  In a move filled with a remarkable amount of common sense, federal air marshals will be seated further back in the plane to allow them to see more of the goings-on while in flight.  The news was followed by a mass resignation by hundreds of air marshals who were chagrined at the prospect of losing their comfy lie-flat seats and chef-curated meals and having to endure long flights the way 95% of the population actually flies.

In related news, the Federal Air Marshal Service announced a new height restriction for new hires of 5’8” (173 centimeters). Going forward, candidates for the position will have to prove they can sit comfortably for eight hours in a coach seat with 30” seat pitch. 

Did you miss it?  Last Friday was the shortest day of the year, thanks to the winter solstice.  That’s why this entry is so short, too.

The Sting.  London’s Gatwick Airport was shut down for several days as unauthorized drones circled the airport and its runways.  After careful investigation, it turned out that the drones were actually stingless male bees and not unpiloted aerial vehicles.

Public transportation.  Wow Air is cutting back again, this time killing flights to DFW, JFK, SFO, and LAX.  In a statement released by the airline’s new CEO, Sigurður Guðmundurson, the airline will introduce new service from its Keflavik Airport hub to nearby Reykjavik Domestic Airport, effectively replacing the current airport bus that goes between the two.

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