Lobby Bar – November 16: Leg Men, Stooges in Cabinets, and ‘I’ll Take Floor Wax and Dessert Toppings for $200, Alex!’

By Anna Breuer on 16 November 2018
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Lobby Bar: So Clever You Won’t Understand a Word

Out of order. A video in China showing housekeepers at leading hotels using the same cloth to clean cups, glasses, sinks, and toilets was viewed over one million times. Several hotel general managers were quoted off the record saying, “We told them to clean the toilets first, goddamit!”

Send in the clowns. Just hours after the British cabinet approved the negotiated deal for Brexit, which is only five months away, six cabinet ministers resigned, putting the deal in peril. Prime Minister Theresa May was resolute, however, and introduced six new replacement ministers, Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp, Joe, and Ted.

So long, farewell. Foreseeing the mess that is Brexit, dual citizen and FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira fled England in the relative comfort of British Airways Club Europe for his native Austria, via Munich. While he couldn’t find any positions as the editor of a travel magazine there, he did score a gig doing Sound of Music tours in Salzburg thanks to his really cool Lederhosen.

He hath eaten me out of house and home. Before he left for Europe, Jonathan Spira went to an immersive Shakespearean feast served during a performance of “Love’s Labor’s Lost.” Thereupon arose the dilemma, was this outing to be a play review, or was it really a restaurant review? After consulting with Lorne Greene at SNL, it was determined it was both a floor wax and a dessert topping…

Green Acres. American Airlines management recently confused its employees when it announced a field test of the company’s new uniforms. Upon receiving the new work clothes, dozens of the airline’s employees jumped on flights to Kansas and the Dakotas and confused local farmers when they showed up in their new duds seeking to be put to work milking the cows and baling the hay.

The importance of being Earnest. The Cadogan Hotel in London, somewhat infamously known for the 1895 arrest of Oscar Wilde in Room 118 for “committing gross acts of indecency,” is reopening after a rather ambitious renovation. Guests assigned to that room are called “Ernest” by hotel staff during their stays and are subject to visits from a host of characters who all claim the name “Ernest” as well.

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