JetBlue Adds New Points Pooling Feature to TrueBlue

By Anna Breuer on 5 November 2018
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DSC_0670JetBlue Airways announced a major change in its TrueBlue frequent-flyer program that allows people to share and pool points earned from flights.

One significant difference is that flyers can form pools with friends instead of being limited to family members.

The update, the airline said, is being made based on extensive customer feedback.

“Customers determine the pool that works best for them, helping points rack up even faster with a program that’s even easier to manage,” said Marty St. George, an executive vice president at the airline.

The New York-based airline eliminated the Family Pooling feature in favor of a new Points Pooling feature. Points Pooling groups can be comprised of two to seven members and participants need not be a member of a particular family.

Going forward, members will contribute 100% of their TrueBlue points to the pool instead of a fixed percentage, as was the case with the Family Pooling feature. A member can, however, redeem his points or leave the pool with his unused points at any time.

The Pool Leader, as JetBlue refers to what was formerly the Head of Household, must be 21 years of age or older and can give members of the pool the ability to redeem points from the pooled balance, if desired.

In addition to the TrueBlue changes, the airline has updated its TrueBlue portal and the user interface for its apps, promising a more intuitive interface and easier navigation.

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