British Airways Club Europe Business Class London-Munich – Flight Review

By Jonathan Spira on 6 November 2018
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Terminal 5 at London Heathrow was quiet and relatively empty when I arrived at 7:30 a.m. for a flight to Munich. While ultra modern in appearance, Terminal 5 is functionally obsolete as a result of a dramatic and unanticipated increase in passenger volume since its opening in 2008.

Since I already had my boarding pass in my Apple Wallet on my iPhone, I followed signs for Fast Track for the security checkpoint and bypassed a rather long line by doing so. There were only a handful of people ahead of me when I reached the top of the escalator that the Fast Track queue leads to, so I was through the security checkpoint within minutes, thanks to the pleasant and helpful personnel who were staffing it.

With ample time remaining before the flight, I headed to the BA Galleries lounge for breakfast and some plane spotting. I took a seat in the area away from the buffet and went to get my usual, Scottish porridge, along with a Danish pastry. While the lounge offers a wine bar, champagne bar, and a formal dining room, I was content where I was as it was far too early to indulge.

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BA, unlike many other airlines, continues to announce gates in their lounges. Once my flight was called, I headed to the gate, A8, which was perhaps a five-minute walk.


Meanwhile, a crowd had gathered at Gate A8. Once the passengers on the inbound aircraft had disembarked, the gate agents began the boarding process. BA offers business-class passengers, as well as elite members of its Executive Club, the opportunity to board first and I was the first on the aircraft.

We boarded via a jet bridge, which seems now to be the standard as we previously had to board at a remote stand and travel there via coach, a ride that, as I’ve noted previously, can take almost as long as the flight.

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