Lobby Bar – October 19: Meet the Flintstones, Paging Dr. Emmet Brown, and ‘I’ll Take Fugitive Korean Air Executives for $200, Alex!’

By Anna Breuer on 19 October 2018
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Lobby Bar: Caveat Emptor Here and We Mean It

Cheech and Chong. Weed became legal in Canada on Wednesday. This happened in large part because the stoner-in-chief, Justin Trudeau, found out that Canada was, on a per capita basis, the sixth largest user of recreational marijuana. “Sixth? We’re only sixth?” he was heard to cry out upon assuming the office of prime minister.

“We’ll have a gay, old time.”  Virgin Atlantic is celebrating WorldPride next June with a special LGBT flight to New York from London.  To counter stereotypes on the flight, the male flight attendants will all be straight.

You can’t make this stuff up.  The father of the Korean Air veep who went to jail for interfering with a flight crew after flying into a rage about how her nuts were served was arrested on embezzlement charges.  He was the airline’s CEO, it turns out.   And this was not reported in The Onion.

No rest for the weary. World Global Air announced its solution for the problem of jet lag that affects travelers worldwide. Effective immediately, the airline will replace its fleet of Dreamliners with a contingent of DC-3s, use of which will allow passengers to acclimatize themselves to the time zone changes as they fly to their destinations.  Not to be outdone, Uzbekistan’s flag carrier U-Flyit announced plans to drop all East-West routes in favor of North-South service.

Saturday night fever.For once and for all, you can’t catch the flu by getting a flu shot and you’re protecting both yourself and those around you by getting vaccinated.  Tell your doc you read about this in Lobby Bar and he’ll give you a free lollipop if you come in before the end of the month.

The Play That Goes Long.  Jonathan Spira sat through a performance of “The True,” starting Edie Falco as Democratic political operative Polly Noonan.  While it was enjoyable, it turned out he aged several years in the course of the performance, as did the cast and other members of the audience.

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