Lobby Bar – October 12: Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Kodak Moments, and ‘I’ll take Elmer J. Fudd for $200, Alex!’

By Anna Breuer on 12 October 2018
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Lobby Bar: It’s Both a Floor Wax and a Dessert Topping

Lobby Bar gets serious. Before diving into this week’s news and features, our hearts go out to those impacted by the devastation that Hurricane Michael left in its wake, and we are keeping residents there in our prayers.

Things we can’t make up. Earlier this week, a Frontier flight was delayed by two hours because a passenger boarded with what she called an emotional-support squirrel and refused to deplane.  Airline representatives told Lobby Bar that the reason for barring squirrels from flights is that, due to recent cost-cutting measures, there aren’t enough peanuts on board flights to feed the critters.

More things we can’t make up. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is rewriting rules for autonomous vehicles to allow them to be sold without a steering wheel or brake pedal. The agency is reportedly also considering allowing manufacturers to omit seats in the vehicle as well.

Say your pwayers, wabbit! Volkswagen is bringing back the “Rabbit” nameplate with the 2019 Volkswagen GTI Rabbit Edition. The car will make its debut in a remake of the 1940 classic movie, “A Wild Hare.”

Total Recall, 2018. Kodak wants its customers who had prints made in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s to return them to Rochester where the Great Yellow Father will digitize them and return them. The only problem Kodak has run into is the vast number of shoeboxes it has to store because that’s what the photos arrived in.

All aboard! In what it is calling an enhancement, Amtrak announced it was replacing the delicious fresh cooked meals that are currently served on fine china and linen tablecloths to sleeper-car passengers on long-distance trains with airline-style pre-packaged meals that would be served to passengers. A precipitous drop in bookings puzzled Amtrak CEO Richard Anderson so much that he began to fly his former airline, Delta, for the food.

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