Flight Delayed Due to Emotional Support Squirrel

By Anna Breuer on 11 October 2018
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DSC_0070A Frontier Airlines flight departing from Orlando International Airport on Tuesday was delayed when a passenger boarded the aircraft with an emotional support squirrel in a cage.

The passenger, Cindy Torok, who was on a flight destined for Cleveland, had told the airline of her planes to take an emotional support animal with her but had failed to notify the airline that it was a squirrel.

Cabin crew told Torok that squirrel, whose name was Daisy, could not travel as an emotional support animal on the flight and asked her to deplane, a request she refused to comply with. As a result, all passengers had to get off and the police were summoned.

“Everyone was deplaned so police could deal with the passenger,” Frontier said in a statement.

Torok got off the plane once the police arrived. The flight was delayed by approximately two hours but it eventually took off for Cleveland.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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