Uber to Fire Low-Rated Customers in Some Countries

By Anna Breuer on 9 September 2018
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New Zealand is one of the two countries affected by the policy.

New Zealand is one of the two countries affected by the policy.

Ride-hailing service Uber said it plans to block low-rated customers in Australia and New Zealand from using the service.

Riders who are rated four (out of five) stars or lower will be banned from using the service for six months. Passengers receive a rating from their Uber driver after each journey.

The move comes about as part of an effort to improve passenger behavior, according to the company.

Uber already has this policy in place in Brazil. The policy is expected to affect just a few thousand customers as the vast majority have a rating above four stars.

The company’s general director for Australia and New Zealand, Susan Anderson, said in a televised interview that riders with a 4.0 rating or lower would have received a number of one-star ratings from drivers, adding that issues range from leaving rubbish behind in the vehicle, making a mess in the car, and not being at the designated pick-up spot.

The policy will go into effect later this month and passengers will receive several warnings before being blocked from using the service.

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