Lobby Bar – September 21: Captain von Trapp, Tonight Show Competitors, and ‘I’ll Take Steve Jobs for $200, Alex!”

By Anna Breuer on 21 September 2018
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Lobby Bar: A Blessing for the New Year

Stupid pet tricks. Anna Breuer gets a hold of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 12, and watch operating system, watchOS 5, and appears on Letterman, thanks to Jesse’s time machine, for a special segment.  While her updated iPhone managed to ride a miniature horse blindfolded, it was unable to dance the merengue.

German language confusion. Paul Riegler gets pulled over driving the new 2018 Mazda Mazda6 on the A1 Autobahn near Salzburg and runs into difficulty when the police officer asks, pointing to the vehicle, “Was ist das,” to which Riegler replies “Mazda Mazda6.”  Thinking he was being made fun of, the officer took him into custody. Riegler was last seen repeating “Mazda Mazda6” over and over again and managed to escape to a nearby convent with the Mazda Mazda6 in question, foiled only when one of the sisters removed the car’s sparkplugs.

No soup for you. California is restricting which EVs and hybrids can use the state’s HOV lanes without having multiple occupants and engaged Santa Barbara resident Tom Lehrer to draft it.  The new law is simple: If you’re under 35 or went to a private school you can’t use them, but if you’re over 35 and went to a public school you can.

What ever became of you, Hubert? United Airlines also engaged Mr. Lehrer, in this case to design a new and somewhat simplified boarding system. The only problem is that the gate agents had to sing out the next boarding group to the melody of Lehrer’s song, “Who’s Next?” One agent reportedly got carried away and sang some of the original lyrics, “First we got the bomb and that was good / ‘cause we love peace and motherhood / Then Russian got the bomb but that’s O.K. / Cause the balance of power’s maintained that way / Who’s next?”

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