Alaska Airlines Reins In Policy on Emotional Support Animals

By Anna Breuer on 2 September 2018
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IMG_3666Alaska Airlines announced additional new rules and stipulations for travel with emotional support animals and service animals.

The new rules go into effect for all travel October 1, regardless of when the ticket was booked, and are in addition to the rules promulgated this past April.

Passengers may only bring one emotional support animal on a flight and that animal must be either a dog or cat. No other species of emotional support animals are permitted. The animal must be either leashed or in a carrier at all times.

The documentation requirements that the airline set forth in April, namely that the animal is in good health and that it has been trained to behave appropriately in public settings, as well as a letter signed by a doctor or licensed mental health professional, must be submitted 48 hours prior to departure.

As of April, the animal’s owner is required to assume responsibility for any damage to property by the animal.

Alaska also announced changes to its service animal policy, which now includes psychiatric service animals. Such animals are limited to either a dog, cat, or miniature horse, and the animal must be under the owner’s control at all times.

Unlike with emotional support animals, no documentation is required for service animals.

The move follows similar changes by American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest, and United Airlines earlier in the year

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