United Airlines Introduces New Corporate Travel Program

By Anna Breuer on 13 August 2018
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DSC_0825 (1)United Airlines announced the launch of United Corporate Preferred, a new corporate travel program.

The new offering consists of three tiers, namely United Corporate Preferred, United Corporate Preferred Plus, and United Corporate Preferred Elite. Company eligibility for the program depends on a variety of factors including the revenue the customer generates for the airline, current contract status, and what the airline referred to as the customer’s “loyalty.”

Companies with United corporate share agreements, United PassPlus, and United Meetings are eligible for the new program.

Program benefits include preferred standby priority for travel on a different flight or when standing by for an upgrade; protection during travel interruptions including seat protection; special pricing and discounts; and preferred upgrades, which serve as a tiebreaker when standing by for an upgrade.

Those with Corporate Preferred Elite status will have the ability to adjust travel beyond standard offerings when travel waivers are in place as well as preferred boarding in-group two. In addition, they will also have access to preferred seating in coach starting later this year.

In order to take advantage of any benefits, a traveler’s corporate account number must be provided at the time of booking and travel must be on behalf of the corporate account.

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