Review: Dark Sky 6.0 Weather App

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By Paul Riegler on 27 August 2018
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While weather is a frequent topic of conversation for all, having an accurate weather forecast is vital to many travelers and the weather apps typically built into iPhone and Android devices aren’t usually up to the task.

Enter Dark Sky.

Produced by the Dark Sky Company, which bills the app as “most accurate source of hyperlocal weather,” the app offers eerily accurate forecasts based on either current location or inputted address. It aggregates weather information from multiple sources and it’s available for both Apple iPhone and Android devices.

Dark Sky released Version 6 over the past few days. The new version of the app includes a thoughtfully designed user interface that makes it easier to track important weather information.

It offers multiple looks at upcoming weather including a next-hour forecast, a 24-hour forecast, a daily summary, an umbrella reminder, and a sunscreen reminder.

The next-hour forecast is useful not only for travelers who don’t want to return to the hotel for an umbrella (although there’s a reminder to take one along when necessary) but also for those who are simply going out. Will the heavy rain continue or is it just passing through? What about the snow in the forecast?

The app would have come in handy in situations such as when the somewhat dizzy Aunt Bella is called “Dummkopf” by Grandma Kurnitz in Neal Simon’s “Lost in Yonkers” when she is outdoors hanging laundry with her nephews Jay and Arty and it starts to rain.

The app includes an interactive globe-style map that allows the user to view weather patterns across the world The globe offers a choice of a temperature view or a precipitation view.

Let’s face it: most weather forecasts are accurate for about the next five minutes but our tests of Dark Sky over the past six months have proven it to be much more useful and accurate in its predictions than anything except looking out the window.


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