Lobby Bar – August 31: The Miracle of Flight, Purple Wi-Fi, and ‘I’ll Take Obi-Wan Kenobi for $200, Alex!’

By Anna Breuer on 31 August 2018
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Lobby Bar – Things Here Aren’t Always What They Appear to Be

Politics as usual. The almost unending heat wave has been a boon to the air conditioning industry as units flew off the shelves. To perhaps no one’s surprise, the Trump Administration claimed credit for the heat wave, explaining it had planned it as part of its promise to save jobs at Carrier’s Indianapolis factory, and called rumors of its end #FakeNews.

Instavacay. Heat wave got you down? Has your get up and go gotten up and left? You can still plan a short summer vacation and not even have to leave your home. A new service now offers carefully curated Instagram photos you can use to show your friends (ahem) where you are sojourning, while you enjoy the Carrier AC from the comforts of your own home.

Magenta. T-Mobile is giving people who aren’t its customers free in-flight Wi-Fi on Labor Day. In an unrelated move, competitors AT&T and Verizon Wireless announced plans to hand out two cans and a string on the same day. Quantities are limited.

May the force be with you. Dark Sky updated its eerily accurate weather app and announced a new spokesman who previously appeared in multiple sci-fi hits. Mr. Vader said, however, he had no comment on the app’s update.

Authentic. The first Parisian bistros were the kitchens in Parisian apartments that offered room and board.  In a new twist on the idea, Demarchelier, a restaurant in New York’s Upper East Side, offers a free apartment with every meal. Quantities are limited here so call now.

Two men and a truck.  United Airlines is moving from the New York Stock Exchange at 11 Wall Street to the Nasdaq at 4 Times Square.  New Yorkers found out about the move when a convoy of Boeing 787 Dreamliners and 777s in Santini Brothers livery clogged the city’s streets for one week straight.

Jonathan Spira contributed to this Lobby Bar.

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