It Isn’t Too Late to Take a Short Summer Vacation: Here Are 4 Tips on How to Go About It

By Paul Riegler on 29 August 2018
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Unlike workers in Europe, who receive over 30 paid days off a year including four weeks of paid vacation – and use them, Americans aren’t entitled by law to even a single paid day off from work. Indeed, while Americans get roughly two weeks of paid vacation, close to half don’t even take advantage of this potential free time.

The good news is that there is still time left in the remaining month of summer to take a vacation, even if it’s a short one. Here are four tips to make it both possible and enjoyable.

1.) Use your time wisely. If time is limited, don’t spend half of it traveling to get there and back. Look for great options that are either a short drive or short flight away.

2.) Clear your work schedule. Don’t schedule work-related conference calls and postpone any that are already on the calendar.

3.) Disconnect (to the extent possible) from social media. While posting a few photos to the gram or Facebook isn’t bad by itself, social media can easily be a significant time sink. Enjoy the moment instead.

4.) Research the destination. Read up on your destination and make a list of places you want to see while there. You may not check off everything on the list, but this way you’ll have some clear-cut goals.

Finally, if you enjoy your short vacation, start planning another one. Chances are that you still have many vacation days left.

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