United Opens Third Polaris Lounge

By Paul Riegler on 1 June 2018
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United Airlines opened its third Polaris Lounge, this one at Newark Liberty International Airport, on Thursday.

The Chicago-based airline originally planned to open it this summer. It opened its second Polaris Lounge, that one at San Francisco International Airport, on April 30.

Like other Polaris Lounges, this one is open only to Polaris-ticketed customers. United says that the Newark lounge embraces “the energy” of the New York metropolitan area, which includes Newark, and passengers are greeted by lighting sculpture created by Brooklyn-based art and design laboratory Richard Clarkson Studio that mimics the constellations of the zodiac.

The Polaris Lounge is intended to bridge the in-lounge and in-flight experiences. Passengers are invited to sit down for a complete dinner prior to the flight in order to maximize sleep time once on board.

The lounge features 455 seats, 570 electric outlets, and 450 USB ports. Seating ranges from the very private, where the seats resemble an international first-class suite, to more open banquettes and a dining area with tables and chairs. There are four private phone rooms, ten private daybeds equipped with Saks Fifth Avenue bedding, and ten shower suites featuring Cowshed Spa products.

The Premium bar will serve a wide assortment of drinks that may be ordered from any location in the Polaris Lounge.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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