United Airlines to Resume PetSafe Pet Travel Program in Summer

By Anna Breuer on 1 May 2018
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Interior of a United 777-200

United Airlines said on Tuesday that it will resume its PetSafe pet transportation offering for dogs and cats later this summer.

The move follows an announcement that the airline will work with American Humane, an organization that works to ensure the safety and well being of animals, as it prepares to relaunch PetSafe.

“United serves thousands of customers and their pets each day, and we saw it as our duty to come in as an independent, third party to help evaluate and further improve their PetSafe program and the in-cabin experience to ensure it offers one of the best in the industry,” said Robin Ganzert, the organization’s CEO.

The Chicago-based airline said it will review its pet handling procedures and policies, including in-cabin pet travel, before resuming PetSafe operations, and will implement new policies and provide training to employees that will improve the safety of pet travel.

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